Ayerma international industry and mining research company, PJS, was registered under number 7459 on 18.03.2008 with registration number 7459. The overall goals of the company are as follows:
  • Preparing, adjusting and proposing long- term, medium-term and short-term projects in the field of mine exploration, contract management and producing nonferrous metals, alloys and chemicals, auxiliary materials, machineries and related consumable spare parts.
  • Preparing engineering projects about mine exploration and  utilization, mineral processing and processing nonferrous metals to the extent to prepare metal, alloys and their chemical compounds and producing required raw materials, machineries, spare and consumable parts including related basic engineering, detailed engineering (building and installations process) designing , machineries, carrying out  related supervising affairs and engineering services related to projects.
  • Carrying out technical and economical survey of projects in the field of mine exploration and  utilization, mineral processing, processing (metallurgical and chemical) in the field of nonferrous metals to the extent to prepare metal, alloys and their chemical compounds and also producing required raw materials, auxiliary materials, machineries, spare and consumable parts for their production.
  • Establishing different pilot laboratories and installations.
  • Performing other consultant engineering activities in the field of construction, installation, laboratory and related installation and supervision in the mentioned fields.
  • Systematic surveys in existing units including the checking of the great, semi-industrial and industrial laboratories.
  • Surveying the existing technologies in the world and coordinating them with the country’s conditions at laboratory level and also practical and scientific laboratory cooperation with existing units in the field of their problems.
  • Technical and economical surveys related to non-ferrous metals, chemicals and their alloys in the country and globally.
  • Carrying out technical investigations and industries engineering in the field of exploration, exploitation, mineral processing and processing the existing and new units.
  • Partnership and investment in other companies, firms and projects and carrying out all stages of construction and exploitation of mining and industrial projects related to exploration, extraction, mineral processing and processing of non-ferrous metals mineral to the extent to prepare metal, alloys and their chemical compounds.
  • Applying the internal and external study, research, collegiate and consultation institutes’ services and concluding related contracts within the framework of the company’s subject.
  • Purchasing and importing required materials, tools, instruments and machineries related to the subject of the company.
  • Performing other affairs which are related somehow to the subject of the company after getting the necessary license from legal authorities.