About Ayerma

AYERMA consulting engineers company providing engineering consultancy services on prospecting and exploration of mineral resources. Brief activities of the company are described as follow:

  • Prospecting, Semi detailed and detailed exploration studies.
  • Providing expert services in the training of geology and exploration.
  • Mineralography, Petrography, Paleontology and paleosedimentologic studies.
  • Topographic and geological mapping for mineral exploration and mining activities.
  • Remote sensing and GIS studies on alternation halos using ETM, ASTER, IRS and SPOT satellites.
  • Well logging and laboratory tests using borehole cores.
  • Modeling, grade distribution and tonnage-grade curve with the kriging curve.
  • Ore-Reserve evaluation.
  • Evaluation of Machinery, Human resources, Maintenance, consuming materials and mine facility in exploration studies.
  • Total extractable tonnage, Final pit geometry and growth rate of the pit diameter and Ramp designation in exploration studies.
  • Waste dump site selection.
  • Mineral exploitation cost accounting, production and overhead costs evaluation.
  • Lab-scale testing includes of: Calcination, Flotation, Leaching, Gravity & Magnetic methods on the basis of exploration studies.
  • Evaluation of Mineral Resource and mineral reserve for ten consecutive years and predicting commodity price fluctuations and commodity market trends requires a thorough Analysis of Commodity Market.
  • Capital cost evaluation and Computing Internal Rate of Return (IRR) for mining and processing plant.
  • Provide a bankable feasibility study (BFS).