Goals and Missions

Ayerma was established as a private joint stock company and aimed to concentrate its activities in different fields needed by the above mentioned industries and offered engineering services as follows:
  • Studying, survey and research in mineral and environmental topics and also designing, executing and calculating related operations.
  • Reviewing and offering comments about industrial and constructing designs, workshops and top supervision on industrial units’ installation and setting up.
  • Designing and executing mineral and industrial projects in different dimensions and stages from designing to installing and setting up as project management (EPC), project management design and execution (MC).
  • Presenting engineering services in the field of designing and developing the technology of producing parts, equipment and machineries in mineral and industrial units of production lines.
  •  Presenting high engineering services in order to improve the productions’ quality.
  • Managing the projects which are ready in the scope of industries, mines, line designing and optimizing the production methods.
  • Supplying spare and consumable parts; mineral and industrial units’ needed equipment directly or through widespread supply chain, in or out of the country.
    Long term strategies
  • Equipping the organization in order to have access to high volumes of projects’ potential in metal industries sector.
  • Developing strategies to more effectively involve employers.
  • Planning to reduce delay in projects’ delivery time.
  • Developing construction resources, especially using construction resources in international level and preferably in Europe Union.
  • Targeted development of design and technology unit based on establishing or obtaining technical knowledge from technology owners.
  • Developing engineering and technology sectors, considering subsidiary companies as independent autonomous and executive forces who prevent manpower inflation and organizational structure’s expansion.
  • Rely on the services of research institutes and universities, signing agreements in the field of mining industry.
  • Purchase, Import, Tools and machinery required for the projects designation.