Having advanced equipment and devices for analyzing and testing mineral samples, as well as having a well-equipped and expert staff in this field, Ayrma Laboratory provides various services to companies and individuals who are active in the industry and mines. Some of these services include the analysis of elements such as Cu, Fe, Mg, Zn, Pb and other elements, the analysis of mineral samples using an atomic absorption device, the softening of mineral samples and rocks using a grinder and mortar, and the crushing of mineral samples using They are crushed by stone crushing machine. Also, other services can be provided at the request of customers.

Ayrma Laboratory

The laboratory of Ayrma Vaqom International Industry and Mining Research Company in Birjand was established in 1401 with a Khardaym, Normaim and Shivii acid hall with an area of 160 square meters and an analysis hall with an area of 70 square meters and with the capacity to analyze 20 samples in 1401. has started since 10.05.1402. He has analyzed about 300 samples so far. This laboratory is currently engaged in providing laboratory services in the form of crushing of mineral samples by a stone crusher and normalizing of stone samples crushed by a 6-mortar grinder, as well as the analysis of 5 elements, Cu, Fe, Mg, Zn, Pb, of mineral samples by a model atomic absorption device. 220 Varian is to the mining community, which in the near future will expand the activity of atomic absorption analysis of mineral samples by adding two new elements, Ag and Al, and launching an advanced and sensitive OES-ICP device.

Acid washing salon

After being transferred to the acid washing hall, the weighed samples are placed under the hood on the heater and are acid washed using the desired acids and diluted according to the required volumes. Then it is transferred to the analysis room for reading.

Analysis hall

The analysis is done by FS220Varian atomic absorption device by one person as an operator and another person as a technician. The duty of the operator is to turn on the system and the device according to the rules and adjust it, as well as to select the element to be analyzed and other things to prepare the device for reading. The task of the technician is to help the operator and record the information obtained from the device and calculate the percentage and grade of the analyzed element.

Cutting and softening salon

Crushing of mineral samples is done by a crushing machine, then the crushed samples are transferred to special mortars and softened by a softening machine that includes 6 mortars.
And it can soften 6 samples at the same time. The softening operation is done.
After the sample is softened and passed through the 100 mesh, it is coded, then weighed in the weighing room and transferred to the acid washing hall.